There’s nothing new about it. Women have been creating, nurturing, loving, building, uplifting, striving, excelling and fighting the good fight since the beginning of time. Those are just some of the characteristics that can be applied to those willing to venture with an entrepreneurial spirit, arm in arm with a team of like minded individuals into the brave new world of the expanding Cannabis industry. Representation is everything in a market that is literally creating itself on the fly, and there are women all over North America putting in work on the ground floor of it all to help shape the future of this magical healing flower.

Meet the “Women Grows” team

These are the faces of some of the core members of the Women Grows unit, that operates in both Canada and the United States. Since their first year of operation back in 2014, the company has expanded from just 15 members to over 50, all pitching in to create a network that provides services and events that operate in 45 cities across North America.

Jazmin Hupp, one of the co-founders of Women Grow commented in a sit down with Your Story on the rewards of being a part of this innovative collective.

“On the intangible side, people are supporting us because they want an industry that’s safe, that’s ethical, and that considers the needs of women and families. They want cannabis to be marketed as a positive product for all, rather than only for one type of consumers. On the tangible side, they’re building up their network of professional players; they find best leadership and costumers for their businesses; and get social media promotion from us.”

For now the start up is focusing on less populated areas of the industry where they can make their mark and “lots of easy wins” in the words of Hupp. From there they look to make areas of their formula a bit more scalable to make sense outside of North America.

Cannabis infused products for women

Beyond the dream team bent on worldwide Cannabis liberation, there is also a pretty cool company called Foria that’s aiming to empower the womanly essence through their unique brand of feminine products. Cannabis infused lubricant for the bedroom and even suppositories are made available to residents of Colorado and California , which through testimonials have proven to be relief to a problem that women have suffered from for years.

Foria Pleasure’s PR Expert Brittany Confer took the lead on all of the company’s marketing direction and expressed her feelings on the position in an interview with GOOD saying, “I saw it as an opportunity to empower women, to encourage women to take control of their own pleasure experience, to facilitate sexual equality, to educate people on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and to support my personal desires as a long time cannabis legalization advocate. For me it was the perfect fit of powerful movements.”

Even women in the lime light like Whoopi Goldberg who with her partner Maya Elisabeth came up with the design for a cannabis infused product that relieves symptoms of menstrual cramps. The target audience is for the woman on the go who can’t necessarily toke a joint before work, but still wants to find relief without popping pain pills.

It’s because of women like this that the growing Cannabis industry is as diverse as it is already. Remember these names and faces because in a matter of years the change that they’ve put into motion will be felt in a much larger way; you can count on it!