The portable vaporizer revolution is booming worldwide as millions of people prefer the handheld device as a way to replace cigarettes (and, in some cases, nicotine also). And, although vaporizing e-liquids isn’t the most health-conscious thing for the body, people do have other options, each with its own list of pros and cons. In fact, the trend has accelerated to the extent that conventions and competitions are now popular attractions for “vapophiles” to go and check out what’s new and interesting in the vape world. You may have even seen some of the videos floating around the Internet of people doing insane tricks with the water vapor as they create intricate designs or huge, billowing clouds.

Even more impressive, though, is the use of portable vaporizers to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis in a way that can provide incredible health benefits.

How does CBD heal the body?


To understand what makes cannabis so instrumental to providing people with a natural means of healthcare, it helps to understand how cannabidiol (CBD) works in the human body. CBD is one of more than 110 cannabinoids, which are molecules in the plant that serve as keys to receptors found throughout the human body. This system of receptors, known as the endocannabinoid system, regulates and controls the other body systems.

CBD is unique in that it doesn’t necessarily need to connect to a CB1 or CB2 receptor in the endocannabinoid system to have a positive impact on health. Its specific mechanism of action is unknown, although years of gathering and analyzing data have revealed that CBD can reverse the progression of cancer, serve as an anti-inflammatory agent, enhance the mood by erasing anxiety and depression, and it even has anti-seizure, anti-tumor, and anti-psychotic effects.

Meet the MediPen


Where this all connects is in a cutting edge vaporizer called the MediPen. This pocket-sized device has been changing lives in the UK over the past year. It contains a powerful dose of CBD, but without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its famous euphoric effects. For this reason the British government has given the creators of the MediPen approval to sell their amazing product, and the reviews that they have received in return amount to a standing ovation.

One of the best things about ingesting concentrated CBD through a vaporizer versus smoking a cannabis strain with a high CBD content concerns combustion. The vaporizer heats to sub-combustion temperatures, which prevents the CBD from burning before inhalation. When cannabis is smoked, a huge percentage of the cannabinoids present are destroyed before intake. That’s wasting precious medicine, in the eyes of those who truly need it for chronic pain relief, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Cannabis, health, and the law


With most jurisdictions allowing people to use vaporizers almost anywhere (with some exceptions), the devices are a very effective way for people to medicate on the go. Removing THC from the equation entirely is ideal for people who prefer not to experience the high, or who haven’t yet found the healthy balance between THC and CBD that they seek. But with something you can toss into your pocket or purse, it’s easy to understand how the MediPen has been conveniently improving the quality of life for those using it.

Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) is looking to perform their first in a series of tests on the legalized CBD product. Along with the UK, 17 other countries have legalized medical cannabis, with a similar trend on the move in North America. The negative stigma tied to this beautiful, healing plant is being shattered now that more people are taking time to understand how it can benefit their health.

MediPen operating director Jordan Owen to the Independent: “Over the past year the MediPen has quickly become without a doubt one of the most highly-rated CBD products in the world. We’ve recently been working very closely with a team of NHS production and regulatory support pharmacists who’ve been able to meticulously analyze our proprietary formulation for both safety and cannabinoid concentration. As the first consumer cannabis product to be tested by the NHS, we are confident that this will go a long way towards creating a properly regulated cannabis market in the UK and are extremely excited to see what the future holds.”

The future of CBD delivery


The MediPen has been legally sold for a year now with a start-up kit going for roughly USD$65. As more research is done in the UK, there could be real opportunity to turn “green into gold” and be an opinion leader in the international discussion of cannabis, while positively impacting the economy. It’s amazing that for such an affordable price, people’s lives can be transformed for the better. The same could be true here in the U.S. if the item were made legal and available. As circumstances within the cannabis industry transform and evolve, there are still options for some individuals to be able to get the natural medicine they need, with or without a vaporizer similar to the MediPen.

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Garyn Angel is an inventor, award-winning financial consultant, and CEO of His company makes the botanical extractor he invented for infusing cannabis into foods and lotions. Angel is committed to cannabis law reform and was named to the CNBC NEXT List of visionary global business leaders for his work on legal marijuana. He is also founder of the Cheers to Goodness Foundation, a charity that helps “medical refugees”—mainly veterans and children—who need cannabis therapy when traditional treatment options have failed.