The Guardian reports that military veteran Raymond Schwab, a PTS (post-traumatic stress) patient in Kansas, has lost his children over his decision to substitute medical cannabis for his addiction to prescription opioid painkillers and alcohol.

Cannabis: gateway OUT of addiction

Schwab, who also successfully overcame a heroin habit thanks to the non-toxic herb, says it is the only thing that controls his lingering depression and pain, allowing him to be a caring parent to his five young children. Yet, Child Protective Services in his former state of Kansas, where it is still illegal, perversely labels his use of medical cannabis — with a doctor’s prescription — “child endangerment”.

Child endangerment—by the state?

State operatives seized his children while Schwab was 60 miles away preparing a new home in Colorado, where he can legally grow the herb for himself and fellow suffering veterans. The state of Kansas evidently takes the position that children are better off being:

  • In a weed-free household with an addict actively abusing deadly opioid drugs and alcohol, since those are legal; or
  • With total strangers in foster care;
  • Forced to grow up not being allowed to even see their parents;
  • Told that their father, rather than being a military hero, is a dangerous criminal for choosing a safe, natural medicine for his severe ailments;
  • Taught that our veterans DON’T all deserve equal access to medical care; and
  • Led to disrespect the doctors in Colorado and elsewhere who recognize the medical benefits of cannabis and prescribe it to care for their patients.
  • The state’s attitude appears to be that these are more beneficial to children than to grow up with their parents in a nurturing home, with a loving father freed from a life of addiction and pain by a plant. This position is absurd and medically invalid. It is certainly more harmful to children than their father choosing a safer medicine.

At, we appreciate the many veterans, parents, and others who use our kitchen essentials to enhance their health and improve their lives despite the unjust risk of being labeled unfit, a criminal, or worse. We will continue to work to end the injustice. Together we win!


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