Have you ever tried a mango vodka or apple whiskey? You can combine any fruit with your favorite spirit and create natural, custom-flavored alcohol infusions automatically in a MagicalButter® machine.

Exotically delicious

One of my personal favorites is Pineapple Rum—it is just exotically delicious.


Start with a fresh, ripe pineapple. Chop it into cubes after removing and discarding the core and skin. Into the machine goes the pineapple, along with one pint/475 ml of rum. You can add a natural sweetener if you’d like, though the pineapple is sweet enough. For this recipe I chose a little bit of agave nectar. Alternatively, to “punch” up the treacle factor, you could use a dark molasses-based rum like Myers’s Original Dark. This rum is unique in Jamaica because some of the molasses used earlier in the process is added back in after distillation.

Super easy


Once all the ingredients are in the machine, things get super easy: Push two buttons to select the lowest temperature and 1 Hour/Oil setting. That’s it. The machine pulverizes the pineapple, intermittently blending and steeping, infusing that delicious fruit flavor directly into the rum.

When the cycle is complete, it lets me know with a beep. Pour the mixture through your PurifyFilter to retain the pineapple pulp. You can strain your infusion several times to achieve more clarity. The resulting elixir is a refreshing, delicious treat to be enjoyed in moderation, with an umbrella or two (big one for you, tiny one for your cocktail!) poolside. For a yummy visual and edible finishing touch, garnish with a cherry.

MB passes the bar exam

I first used the MagicalButter machine to create exotic cocktails behind the bar at an upscale resort in Florida, before I ever tried it for making herbal butter. Each week, I would come up with a new infusion to wow the guests. I worked at a classy piano bar, so the customers enjoyed the special infusions. And my tip jar was happy!


I remember one week I blended up a beautiful blueberry vodka, with a bold, vibrant, natural hue of blue imbued by the berries. I offered samples of the unusual elixir to my guests at the bar. They were all amazed by how delicious it was, and by the smoothness—you could hardly even taste the alcohol in it. (Vodka’s main goal; hence its Polish name, little water.)

Once in a while to celebrate success and life, we deserve a sweet treat. Still, every day, many people are becoming more health-conscious. So, it’s a good thing the Botanical Extractor is built for far more than churning out carby cocktails. MagicalButter.com is your source for dozens of healthful herbal recipes, quick how-to videos, and how to get your own MB machine.

Do you have a favorite recipe for your MagicalButter machine? Tell our readers about it in comments below!