Valentine’s Day is coming up! What better way to spend this special day with your loved one than by sharing some delicious edibles, richly infused with everyone’s favorite herb?

You can make little Magical Gummy hearts using a MagicalButter® machine, and then eat them together, feeding them to each other, one by one.

Isn’t chocolate already sensual?

Or, how about melting down some Sensual Chocolate to smooth onto each other’s skin and then licking it off, promoting intense satisfaction and a euphoric morning? (Note: Pouring hot, melted chocolate onto bare skin is not recommended. Use with caution and a “lick” of common sense!) You can also dip fruit or cookies—or other things—in your decadent chocolate sauce. Experiment!

On this special day, wine and dine your lover in a new way. Show that you like to pay close attention to little details with lit candles and exotic incense. Scatter a path of rose petals leading to the sofa, bearskin rug by the fireplace, or bedroom. And get creative with your MagicalButter machine.

Just do it (yourself)

Just-do-it-yourselfMaybe whip up some homemade infused massage oil or an Edible Healing Salve with flowers and fresh aromas that are sure to turn your loved one on and leave their epidermis silky smooth. It’s especially true on Valentine’s Day that gifts you make yourself will seem much more heartfelt than store-bought ones. The memories you share will last a lifetime.

Candy and sex go hand in hand or, rather, hand in mouth, or…? We just know something’s in something. Time to get freaky with your loved one? Drizzle him or her with delicious edible toppings, and then either slowly nibble them off, or…don’t. Let your imagination run wild!

Love will make this the best Valentine’s Day ever! Not only will you be medicating various areas of your partner, you will also be getting a dose yourself. When you’re finished, luxuriate in a warm, inviting bubble bath, and foam away any leftover goodies from wherever they may remain.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at We lo♥e you!

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