All over the country, cannabis experimentation has kicked into overdrive, and new uses are being discovered daily. Cannabis consists of nearly 500 natural compounds; it’s safe to say we have a whole lot to learn about the miracle medical plant. Scientists have discovered that over 110 of those compounds are cannabinoids. One in particular is psychoactive, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while others are medicinal, chief among them being cannabidiol (CBD). There are many undiscovered characteristics of the cannabis plant, and recent headlines have focused on strains with an unexpected property: appetite suppression.

To most people familiar with the herb, that will seem counterintuitive. Isn’t it supposed to give you the “munchies”? A life without the herb-induced hyper-hunger has people intrigued, and it turns out the mysteries locked within a lesser-known molecule called tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) may hold the key to “skinny skunk”. THCV is also known to provide energy, reduce panic attacks, and stimulate bone growth.

Thanks to a recent flood of hybrids hitting the market, finding strains with high THCV levels isn’t as hard as might be imagined. Demand for them is rising as more people crave uplifting effects in their daily routine. Potent and fast-acting, this particular compound is becoming popular in dispensaries across the country.

Pairing these highly effective strains with sensible diet and exercise can lead to weight loss. A study of 157 different cannabis strains from around the world conducted by the American Journal Of Botany to find those highest in THCV yielded very interesting results. South Africa and Afghanistan are currently producing the most skinny skunk, inspiring many hybrids fused with strains from these areas. If you are searching for a clean, cerebral, and euphoric experience, a THCV strain like the ones featured below just might be worth looking into.  

Durban Poison


The South African sativa from Durban is quickly making its way to the top of wish lists. This bud is prized for its energetic and uplifting effects, coupled with its ability to curb appetite. Add a quick, productive boost to your day with up to 1.8% THCV levels and trichomes galore. Belying its toxic moniker, this medicinal wonder has a sweet profile and a “grounding” element that will leave you ready to conquer even the most complex problems. Nicknamed the “espresso” of sativa, Durban Poison mixed into your morning routine can be the dawn of an energetic new day.

Doug’s Varin


Doug’s Varin is a unique sativa-dominant creation specifically sculpted to maximize THCV production. This rare strain of cannabis brings on feelings of euphoria as well as arousal with no desire to forage for snacks after partaking. Providing a clear mind, this beauty will leave you focused on the task at hand.

Shaking the lazy right out the stoner stigma, this robust, energizing herb serves as the perfect test remedy for some serious medical conditions. Post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) and Parkinson’s are examples of ailments that could be treated with Doug’s Varin. This strain also has high levels of myrcene, a terpene that allows for enhanced absorption of THC and THCV into the brain.

Cherry Pie


Cherry Pie has a lower THCV level but still packs a punch in the arena of skinny-skunk choices. The offspring of Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple, Cherry Pie knows how to kick it up a notch! Offering up longer-lasting effects with the same quick onset as a higher-level THCV strain, it’s the perfect post-workout “buddy”.

Leaving you relaxed with a delicious aroma permeating the air, this sweet treat is better for your health than any confection. Orange hairs set Cherry Pie apart visually, while the high leaves you creative, comfortable, and, most important, not ravenous. This indica-dominant hybrid offers up relief from pain, stress, and anxiety, which is quite the trifecta for a happy mind and body.

Green Crack


Green Crack, known for its quick onset and delicious taste, is becoming a favorite in Denver. Named by rapper Snoop Dogg, this cannabis strain features citrus flavors and a strong THCV level. Not many strains can compare to the effects of Green Crack, and this 75 percent indica hybrid is said to have come from the legendary Afghan strain Skunk No. 1.

The name tends to scare some people off, but make no mistake: Green Crack is medicinal for those who need it, and all in good fun for relaxation. If you’re looking for a way to combat fatigue and get an all-natural boost of energy, this bud’s for you. Make wake ’n’ bake take on a whole new meaning with this fantastic flower, and you’ll be ready to clean the house in no time!

It’s become simpler than ever to incorporate cannabis into a fitness regimen and a whole new way of life. Erasing the couch-potato stigma associated with cannabis, these THCV wonders are an invigorating way to start the day. Edible medicinal masterpieces as part of a healthy, balanced nutrition plan could awaken the world to cannabis in the morning as a weight-loss tool.

THCV-rich strains have the potential to improve your well-being and your state of mind. A variety of other strains can, for example, knock out insomnia or leave you feeling like a superhero; it depends on the individual and the circumstances. Researching the strains that best suit your needs and infusing them into low-calorie foods using a MagicalButter machine can upgrade your overall quality of life. The premium user-friendly appliance paints the word medicine in a whole new light.

Taking the guesswork out of the limitless recipe possibilities an MB botanical extractor can create is the icing on the cake. Are you ready to step up your weight loss with a simple cannabis-infused diet, combined with a robust workout? The future is now, and MagicalButter is dedicated to changing the way we view healthy herbs.

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Garyn Angel is an inventor, award-winning financial consultant, and CEO of His company makes the botanical extractor he invented for infusing cannabis into foods and lotions. Angel is committed to cannabis law reform and was named to the CNBC NEXT List of visionary global business leaders for his work on legal marijuana. He is also founder of the Cheers to Goodness Foundation, a charity that helps “medical refugees”—mainly veterans and children—who need cannabis therapy when traditional treatment options have failed.