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“What’s Next in Cannabis” takes you around the world and behind the scenes, highlighting the businesses that are changing health care, politics, and energy.


“What’s Next in Cannabis” takes you around the world and behind the scenes, highlighting the businesses that are changing healthcare, politics, and energy.

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nextCANNABIS News & Highlights

Marijuana Investor Summit Recap: Day 2

This Marijuana Investor News article highlights Day 2 of the 2015 Marijuana Investors Summit in Denver, which constituted a testimony to a cultural—and agricultural—revolution. The event culminated in a networking event and after party hosted by... read more

Making Frankenstein Oil With the Magical Butter Machine

This Beyond Chronic article gives a first-hand account of some of the more advanced applications of the MagicalButter machine, covering decarboxylation, concentrated tinctures, and even making e-cig juice. Find out why they call it “Frankenstein Oil”! Read Full... read more


Part 1 ~ Damiana Who or what is Damiana? Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a shrub native to Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It was used by the Aztecs as a remedy for impotence, and modern women are known to use the fragrant leaves in a tea to... read more

Cannathon 5k for PTSD – Chanel 8 coverage

WFLA News Channel 8 video of news report on the 2015 Cannathon 5k for Veterans with PTSD, sponsored in part by MagicalButter.com. Can a giant stick of green butter with a peaceful smile really run a 5k in the Florida sun? Find out here! Read Full... read more

Tampa runners lace up for medical marijuana

News Channel 8 WFLA reports on the 2015 Cannathon 5k event, sponsored in part by MagicalButter.com, to raise awareness of veterans suffering with PTSD and how their condition can be effectively eased with proven herb therapy—if the government can be made to get out of... read more

Tampa 5K Aims to Raise Awareness of PTSD Treatment

MJINews reports on the Florida Cannabis Coalition and MagicalButter.com sponsoring the first ever Cannathon 5k in Tampa’s Gadsden Park, in support of providing medical cannabis through the VA to veterans suffering from PTSD. Read Full... read more

Cannabis Oil as a Base in Natural Skin Care Products

What your skin craves From the time prior to the founding of our nation and through our entire history until 1937, the cannabis plant was a popular remedy for many common ailments, from pain and inflammation to melancholy and insomnia. Then alcohol Prohibition was... read more

Garlic: One of Many Medicinal Herbs to Use in Tincture

What’s a tincture? A tincture is an extract of (usually) plant essence, infused in either vegetable glycerin or ethanol. Tinctures are preferable to other forms of garlic for many reasons. Alcohol tinctures will keep almost indefinitely when properly stored in a cool,... read more

Emerging Method of Healing Through Medical Cannabis

With the dangers and uncertainties of modern medicine on the rise, alternative medicine is rapidly advancing in popularity as an approach to relieving everything from insomnia and headaches to back pain and depression. Common alternatives to modern allopathic... read more

Discover the Joys and Value of Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking is an art, especially when one of the ingredients happens to be the versatile cannabis herb. First-time cannabis chefs need to follow a few simple but important rules when developing and implementing new recipes. Here’s some friendly advice on how to wow your... read more

Discovering Medical Cannabis and the Cannabinoid Receptors

In 2005, Roger from Denver began using cannabis as a way to deal with the consequences of a rare cancer that had metastasized to his brain. Doctors gave him a grim diagnosis, but Roger never gave up and never gave in. Overcoming formidable odds, Roger is alive and... read more

HerbBlurbs & Words

What’s in a name? Find out with our ‘Grassary’ Part 1 ~ Cannabis With a bountiful cornucopia of names to choose from for our beloved plant friends, we thought ‘weed’ sort things out and maybe clear up a little bit of confusion along the way! Since a completely... read more

HerbBlurbs & Words

Part 2 ~ Cannabis Aliases Here’s Part 2 of our WordBlurb on the origins of common names for our pet plant. An exhaustive list would be its own never-ending website construction project, so this is just a brief little exploration of some of the most common terms for... read more

Meet the Cannabinoids

Part 1 ~ THC With the re-legalization of cannabis swiftly progressing across America, every day more people are becoming familiar with the “magical” plant and the many benefits of its active ingredients, called cannabinoids. The names of these compounds can look like... read more

Meet the Cannabinoids

Part 2 ~ CBD What does it do? The range of known therapeutic effects of CBD is nothing short of astonishing. A partial list of the medical conditions and symptoms that CBD is useful in relieving includes: Nausea & vomiting Convulsions Psychosis Inflammation... read more

Cannabis Juicing

Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 1 You always knew kids needed their vegetables… Contrary to popular belief, cannabis should be considered primarily neither an herbal medicine nor a recreational intoxicant. Instead, the plant in its raw form contains certain organic... read more

Cannabis Juicing

Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 2 Let’s get mental In Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 1 we highlighted the challenge of bridging the gulf of public perception and bringing cannabis into the proper illumination. The first order of business in building the bridge is, ironically, one... read more

Ganjapreneur—Garyn Angel Empowering Patients with Herbs

This Ganjapreneur interview, MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel describes how he transitioned from his career as a financial planner into his current role at MagicalButter, how the company has grown since its inception, and what he predicts the next few years hold in store... read more

Food Trends Weed on the menu

This Restaurant Business article serves up the delicious concept of menus infused with healthy medicinal herbs…in an environment of enlightened acceptance and happiness. Read Full... read more

NRA: Is marijuana the next menu trend?

This QSR Web article highlights efforts in Colorado to legally incorporate herbal infusion into restaurant offerings—reflecting increasingly widespread acceptance by the general public—with wildly positive implications for MagicalButter: The attorney promoting the... read more

Monkey See, Monkey Cook

This fantastic viral video on Right This Minute demonstrates just how easy the MagicalButter machine really is to use, with a little help from Roxy the Capuchin monkey. Read Full... read more

A pot-growing seminar attracts crowd in A.C.

Philly.com reports on the huge popularity of Oaksterdam University training for growers and cannabusiness owners across the USA—including a MagicalButter dealer near Atlantic City who said “I sell these machines because it helps people.” We can’t think of a... read more

Got the Munchies? New Food Truck Has You Covered

http://www.shape.com/blogs/shape-your-life/got-munchies-new-food-truck-has-you-covered It’s a brave new marijuana-laced world, at least when it comes to food trucks: The Samich—the country’s first food truck to specialize in cannabis-infused eats—made its... read more

Money manager creates pot crock pot

This CNBC Video from 5 Nov 2014 features an interview with our CEO and founder Garyn Angel about the MagicalButter machine, how it works, and how he invented a new category of kitchen appliance after being a successful money manager. Read Full... read more

Garyn Angel and Denver’s Marijuana Food Truck

In this article, National Geographic’s food blog The Plate serves up notice of the MagicalButter Samich Food Truck and its cross-country trip to educate and enlighten diners about the subtleties of herbal infused cooking. Read Full... read more

Meet the First Food Truck That Can Legally Get You Stoned

Newsweek’s Business section highlights the MagicalButter Samich Food Truck, from its 4/20 debut in Denver to the potential future of herbal infused dining—a mobile app to notify users when the 40-foot Freightliner is nearby, a nationwide fleet, and a chain of infusion... read more

Cannabis Cup: Concentrates rule on busy-yet-mellow 4/20

The Cannabist covers the event of the year in Denver, noting that MagicalButter “drew huge crowds” on the afternoon of 4/20 near the magical moment of 4:20, giving out gummies & yummies! During the festival the company also generously donated over 50 MB2e... read more

Garyn Angel: A Happier and Healthier Future with Cannabis

This Cashinbis interview with MagicalButter inventor and CEO Garyn Angel gives insight into the man behind the magical machine, what motivates his passion for success, and his mission to bring a happier, healthier future to a suffering world. (So that’s why company... read more

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

Here’s an honest Man Cave review of the MagicalButter machine, its various uses, ease of operation and cleaning, and overall coolness. What’s it like making MagicalButter? Find out here. Read Full... read more

Ahead of their time: Rebels, leaders and innovators

CNBC included MagicalButter founder and CEO Garyn Angel on their prestigious NEXT LIST, an exclusive celebration of 25 visionary leaders whose commitment to shaping the future will transform industries across all sectors of society over the next 25 years. Mr. Angel is... read more

Fighting for Vivian’s Medicine

A touching story from High Times tells the tale of a New Jersey family forced to uproot their lives and move across the country to obtain medicine for their daughter: Vivian suffers from severe seizures, and a safe, common herbal remedy makes them stop. Read Full... read more

Port Richey inventor makes waves for medical marijuana

BayNews9 tells the story of MagicalButter inventor Garyn Angel and the immediate success of his company, which created a countertop machine to infuse the essence of herbs and botanicals into butters, oils, skin creams and more. Read Full... read more

The 2013 Weed Blog Award Winners

The Weed Blog announces the winners of their awards for 2013 for high achievement in the herbal world, including product of the year—the MagicalButter machine! Read Full... read more

NJ family gets $10,000 for move to Colorado for medicine

NJ.com story highlights the bittersweet tale of the Wilson family’s desperate forced move across the country to another state to obtain herbal medicine for their daughter Vivian, and the generous donation from MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel and friends to pay the... read more

Philly.com—family forced to move from NJ for medicine

This Philly.com article focuses the spotlight on Vivian Wilson, the little NJ girl with epileptic seizures whose family must move to another state where her herbal medicine is legal. MagicalButter.com and other donors stepped up to make the family’s Christmas—and... read more

A D.C. doctor makes medical marijuana a specialty

Here’s a detailed Washington Post story about a DC clinic specializing in herbal medicine and the relief it is bringing to patients. The Takoma Wellness Center, run by Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn. uses the MagicalButter Botanical Extractor™ to infuse natural medical plant... read more

Marijuana Food Truck Makes Its Denver Debut

Karsten Strauss in this Forbes article details the arrival of the MagicalButter Samich Truck in Denver and highlights the entrepreneurial vision of our savvy CEO Garyn Angel’s being the first business owner to bring herb-infused edibles to the mobile marketplace. Read... read more

High-End Eats: The Future of Marijuana Edibles in D.C.

This Washington City Paper article from October 2013 focuses on the issues facing growers and distributors of herbal products in the nation’s capital, as well as the endlessly vast array of foods that give patients options to pharmaceutical drugs and smoking. Read... read more

USF Grad Creates Churn To Produce Magical Butter

83DegreesMedia passes along the inspiring tale of MagicalButter’s founder Garyn Angel and his vision of healthy cooking for all, and for those suffering serious ailments to Eat to Treat® with herbal remedies created at home. Read Full... read more

Herbal Oil and Other Home Medicinal Cures

Here’s a piece at the Daily Meal that focuses on the versatility of the MagicalButter machine for everyday cooking with herbs and for herbal medicine to help patients reduce their reliance on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Read Full... read more

MagicalButter.com Introduces the New MB2

This PR Web article announces the day the MagicalButter MB2 was released to the public for the first time. Amid the hoopla and awards, the inventor and founder of our company reaffirms his mission to help spread the availability of herbal medicine to the suffering by... read more

High Buys: MagicalButter

High Times salutes MagicalButter as the first machine ever designed for extracting herbal essences into butters and oils, shining a spotlight on herbs as an integral part of our healthy lifestyle. Read Full... read more

Boy fighting cancer with cannabis gets surprise donation

Check out this heartwarming story from KRDO News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs about Landon Riddle and his mom Sierra, who received a surprise donation for Landon’s cancer treatment. Delivered in person by Garyn Angel, founder and CEO of MagicalButter.com, the gift... read more

KRDO Cannabis mom worried about “Drug-Endangered Child” bill

KRDO News reveals the drama surrounding a mother’s use of herbal medicine for her leukemia-stricken child, who has been in remission for a year thanks to the therapy. The state may deem her growing of natural herbs as “child endangerment” and force her to stop—and... read more

The Cannabist New idea: Food truck sells pot-infused grub

The Cannabist interviews Garyn Angel, inventor of the MagicalButter machine, about plans for his food truck fleet, herbal infusion restaurants on the beach, and how the adoption of natural herbs for relaxation can make for a safer, healthier, happier society. Read... read more

Marijuana From a Food Truck?

Even Weather.com can’t resist the MagicalButter Samich food truck’s visit to Denver for an annual event celebrating healthy herbs. As part of the celebration, TeamMB will conduct an educational dispensary tour to teach patients creative ways to cook their medicinal... read more


This excellent Fast Company article details the opening of MagicalButter Studio, the first herb restaurant in Seattle open to the general public. High-end infused fare such as already served by the famous mobile Samich Truck (another first-ever creation by... read more

HuffPo—World Finally Gets Its Cannabis Food Truck

Huffington Post examines the MagicalButter food truck and interviews Garyn Angel, inventor of the Botanical Extractor™, about his future plans for expanding his mobile infused food-delivery system. A fleet of trucks and an upscale, trendy restaurant with a ‘twist’ are... read more

This Marijuana Food Truck Can Get You High

This Time Magazine article on MagicalButter covers the Samich Truck serving infused edibles, the benefits of herbal cooking, and the safety of consuming edible medicinal herbs. Read Full... read more

Marijuana food truck testing the waters in Everett

This Spokesman-Review Spin Control blog post heralds the MagicalButter Samich Truck’s visit to Everett, Washington, and the legalities and technicalities of providing herbal infused fare to medical patients and the public Read Full... read more

How does a ‘Magical Butter’ marijuana machine work?

In this Fox Business Network video, Melissa Francis interviews MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel about his company’s food-service vehicle—the Samich Truck—and the potency of food infused with herbs using the MagicalButter machine. Read Full... read more

Green gold rush creating gray marijuana market

This USA Today article details the myriad hoops entrepreneurs must jump through to make money in the ‘growing’ medicinal herb industry. From vending machines to the MagicalButter-equipped Samich Truck, getting ahead means overcoming obstacles. Read Full... read more

Magical Butter MB2 Review: Your One Stop Edible Cannabis Shop

Here’s an excellent Gizmodo review of the classic MagicalButter machine, highlighting its ridiculously simple operation, easy cleaning, and superior results. Reviewer Andrew Tarantola pulls no punches and leaves no stone unturned, making butter, oil, and tincture—and... read more

Cannabis Food Truck Heads for Chicago

Here is an encouraging story from NBC Chicago News about the MagicalButter food truck’s journey to the Windy City as part of the 2014 Cannaball Run. The piece also spotlights a US Army veteran suffering with multiple sclerosis—the wheelchair-powered man who was... read more

We made weed butter with a ‘magical’ machine

This excellent Engadget review of the MagicalButter machine and its spectacular ease of use is well written, fun to read, and educational: The author teaches with a smile that following the simple directions for easily making herbal butter, oil, tinctures, and lotions... read more

Midday Fix: Cannaball Run event details

This great WGN-TV News video from MagicalButter’s stop in Chicago on the cross-country CannaBall Run in September 2014 features our CEO and chefs doing a live cooking demo and interview about the benefits of cooking with herbs as serious medicine. Read Full... read more

A Medical Marijuana Food Truck Is Coming to DC

The MagicalButter machine earns the appropriately informal nickname handy gizmo in this short piece by Anna Spiegel in The Washingtonian, highlighting our educational mission. Our dazzling branding coup, the MagicalButter food truck, rolled into Washington, DC for an... read more

New Frontiers in Medicine: Cooking With Weed

USNews.com article focuses on new science of medicinal herbs and the Takoma Wellness Center in DC. MagicalButter’s CEO Garyn Angel explains how consuming herbs as part of a health regime can improve life, and his company makes the machine he invented to do it. Read... read more

MagicalButter’s CEO Lands CNBC’s Top 25 List

This Cannabis Now story describes the founding of MagicalButter as a humanitarian enterprise, leading to our CEO Garyn Angel’s selection for the prestigious honor of being included on the exclusive list of  CNBC’s Top 25 Rebels, Leaders and Innovators. Read Full... read more

Easily Make Tinctures in The MB2e

Tinctures were the delivery method Western medicine used for marijuana for more than 90 years. Major U.S. pharmaceutical companies produced them from the mid-nineteenth century until cannabis was removed from the United States Pharmacopeia in 1942. The Marihuana Tax... read more

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