When you think about your typical bar, what comes to mind? Some dark, noisy, packed room with an expanse of tables featuring paper napkins adorned with glass-sized watermarks? You can probably picture the scene at the bar on a busy weekend night: an overworked bartender holding off a horde of grabby, insistent alcohol consumers as if surviving an episode of the Walking Dead. The aroma of cigarette smoke mingles ever so eloquently with scent of sweat and who knows what else. Sound like your kind of place?

Beyond some of the undesirable aspects of bar-hopping or drinking the night away, a lot of people do acknowledge the appeal of being out socializing. Unfortunately, too many have fallen victim to alcohol, whether on one occasion or as a lifestyle. But hey, it’s legal. It’s part of the culture of humanity.

Proponents of cannabis freedom have been making mighty strides in that same regard. In fact, in the few areas of the country where free adult consumption has been given the legal “green” light, cannabis bars and lounges have been popping up, perhaps indicating what the future holds for those who would rather grab a toke than a drink.

Colorado, for instance, has been on the forefront of the “Green Rush”. Crafty entrepreneurs looking to provide folks with a unique herbal nightlife experience are making that possible with cannabis social lounges. The three innovative Colorado cannabusinesses highlighted below will make you want cash in a little vacation time from the daily grind and experience something that’s uplifting in a number of ways.



The party just got wheels! Loopr is a mobile tour guide to everything going on in the world of entertainment in Denver. The cozy party bus seats 46 people comfortably and stylishly, with a glassware dab bar in the lounge for enjoying cannabis concentrates. The bus is decked out in stereo, TVs, and psychedelic lighting, so it’s the perfect place to sit back and enjoy your favorite herb with friends as Loopr tours you around various local dispensaries, bars, and restaurants.

Even if you decide you just want to keep the party on the road, Loopr is the way to go. For $25, you can ride all day long; for $60, three whole days if you plan on soaking up more of what Denver has to offer. Coupon discounts are also available online, so don’t pass up on a good deal!

Summit Recreational Retreat


If you’re seeking  something a little more tranquil and scenic than the typical lounge or bar, then the Summit Recreational Retreat may be for you. Located in southeast Denver, this beautiful resort for cannabis enthusiasts offers a variety of ways to heighten your experience.

Summit combines the herb with the hospitality that comes along with a visit to a dream resort and spa. Imagine relaxing with a fancy new strain for the first time…followed by a full-body massage with cannabis oil. Maybe after that, enjoy a Jacuzzi, meet some other like-minded folks, then pursue the night in front of a romantic fireplace at one of the two cannabis lounges on campus. Drooling yet?

Summit is also home to daytime retreats that can be purchased in packages to suit your budget, as well as overnight options for a romantic getaway with that special someone. You may even be able to time your stay to coincide with one of the special events or cannabis seminars that take place at the resort. The fun of learning more about the flower enhances the overall experience.

Studio A64


Looking for a cool lounge to enjoy a little herb and amazing live music? Studio A64 is the one-stop shop for both and is Colorado’s original cannabis club. At Studio A64, they like to keep things new and exciting by fusing other elements into their hospitality. Guests are welcome to choose one of their amazing drinks from the menu, from custom made espresso beverages to tasty smoothies, as a companion to a nice, mellow smoke.

They also offer five-dollar joints or dabs with a super friendly and helpful staff that can get you squared away. You are, however, allowed to bring in your own cannabis if you prefer, and they have all of the fixings you might need, from grinders to pipes. If the munchies kick in, Studio A64 has partnered up with a couple of local restaurants to bring in some outside grub. Cannabis bingo, movie nights, and live entertainment? Say no more!

And this is just a small sampling of Colorado’s cannabis social lounge scene. The Centennial State is serving as an excellent role model for the other states, 46 of which have yet to acknowledge the right of free adults to socialize responsibly with cannabis instead of alcohol. Imagine—when the rest of the country gets on board with cannabis freedom, so many more of our people will have an opportunity to experience something similarly beneficial to their health and happiness. Millions are missing out, while it’s perfectly legal to go to a bar and drink alcohol and smoke tobacco—both of which kill people every single day. Cannabis is famously non-toxic and has no lethal dose.

Hopefully, in the near future enough cannabis lounges will replace bars to begin giving all adults a real, viable alternative to drinking for social relaxation. The alcohol industry (which pays lobbyists to convince politicians that the devil weed is really super scary and should be illegal) doesn’t like that “viable alternative” idea; or that, overall, people with access to cannabis for relaxation tend to drink less, fight less, and get in far fewer automobile accidents. Driving under the influence of any drug or medication is always to be avoided. But alcohol is among the worst impairments to driving imaginable, as it destroys coordination AND the ability to recognize that fact. Good times.

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Garyn Angel

Garyn Angel is an inventor, award-winning financial consultant, and CEO of MagicalButter.com, maker of the botanical extractor he invented for infusing cannabis into foods. Firmly committed to needed legal reform, Angel was named to the exclusive CNBC NEXT List of visionary global business leaders for his work on legal marijuana. He is also founder of the Cheers to Goodness Foundation, a charity that helps “medical refugees”—mainly veterans and children—who need herbal therapy when traditional treatment options have failed.