MardiGrass in Nimbin, New South Wales, is the largest annual cannabis event in Australia. It began on May 1, 1993 as a protest over police harassment of the eclectic village of artists and freethinkers over cannabis, a crackdown that was harsh as bush weed. Public outrage boiled over into street protest when an undercover cop was caught visiting a local herb dealer—not to arrest him, just to score a bit for himself! Chasing him back to the police station whilst pelting him with eggs quickly evolved into a civilized, peaceful yearly protest for reform of cannabis laws.

Nimbin has since become known as the “Marijuana Mecca” of the continent. The event draws tens of thousands of weed worshipers, freedom fighters, and well wishers from around the world to the tiny rural town of under 2,000 residents. In May 2016 the festival became a celebration of Australia’s legalizing the growing of medical cannabis nationwide. flew in special guest chef Joey Galeano from the USA for the event. Chef Joey is a highly experienced cannabis chef with an extraordinary “bag” of culinary tricks to choose from. When he whipped out his Botanical Extractor and whipped up his signature recipe, Nimbin celebrants were fortunate to witness the first-ever Magical Gummy-cooking demonstration in Australia.

MardiGrass in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia – MagicalButt…MardiGrass in Nimbin, New South Wales, is the largest annual cannabis event in Australia. This year, MagicalButter was able to host the first ever Live Gummy Cooking demonstration!

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At 4:20 p.m. the crowd gathered in the streets for what is considered the event’s highlight, the global Marijuana March. It recalls the 1993 march of a thousand through the streets of Nimbin, when the townsfolk laid siege to the police station.

The 25th Annual Hemp Olympix were held this year. Games included Billy Bong Toss, the Aussie Bush Growers Run, and Tug-of-Drug-War with members of the police. (How far Nimbin has come in 23 years, thanks to the unifying power of the international herb!)

The gathering peacefully advocates free adults’ human right to use cannabis medically…and by choice. Many people and their doctors seek the freedom to use cannabis as medicine because it is often more effective and better tolerated than toxic drugs. Beyond its bountiful therapeutic value for those in need, the non-toxic plant has the unique property of also being a wonderful social relaxant and mood enhancer. Many now prefer it over alcohol, which is famously toxic.

Free adults in a free society must have that choice. And that simple fact sums up the soul of Nimbin MardiGrass.The three-day annual event spotlights the continuing urgent need for cannabis law reform.

As the good news about legalization continues to spread worldwide, what’s in store for Nimbin MardiGrass NEXT year will be bigger than ever!

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