If you like cannabis and world travel, you’ll love this. The beautiful and historically rich Italian city of Napoli (Naples) just wrapped up its third annual Canapa in Mostra festival, honoring everything Cannabis sativa (cannabis, a.k.a. “marijuana”, and hemp). It happened to be within arm’s reach of the infamously active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, which thankfully didn’t shower the participants in ash and molten magma. Other things were smoking instead, as the drive to legalize the plant in Italy is finally heating up.

Welcome to Naples!

The event took place over two days in October 2016, affording ample opportunity to see what was new and exciting in the ever-growing cannabis industry. The fair was well attended by locals, visitors from around Italy, even industry professionals and greenophiles from all over the world. Canapa in Mostra offered multiple ways of keeping visitors engaged and excited for the duration of the two-day experience. Guest speakers, entertainment, over 90 different vendors, and hundreds of cannabis-themed items of every description provided a continuous stream of good vibes and discovery.

The fair also serves to show other countries where Italy stands on the legality of cannabis, and it is crystal clear that Italy appreciates the life-enhancing benefits of the flower and accessibility to it. Since 1993 the people of Italy have chosen to advocate cannabis in a more active way. They helped to get a referendum passed that decriminalized the herb and appointed officials like Mayor Luigi de Magistris, who understands why it’s so important for both the industry and community to have this kind of progress happening now.  

A crowning achievement

Mayor Luigi was even presented with an amazing 3D-printed crown by some of the event coordinators (above). The gesture neatly summed up their respect for the mayor and the mutual excitement about moving forward hand in hand.

There is certainly time for celebration, but the country is gearing up for the next step in the progress toward full cannabis rights for free adults. Italian lawmakers have been attempting to pass a bill that will further decriminalize the herb, which will enable both medical and recreational consumption to occur without criminal penalties.

Chuck Ludley of Green Rush Daily explains:

The largest police union in Italy just came out in support of cannabis legalization. The union is now the most recent group to voice support for Italy’s growing legalization movement. And an increasing number of law enforcement agencies in Italy see legalization as a way to fight organized crime.

This enormous display of support couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, as the world gears up for changes to cannabis law in multiple countries, including the United States, Australia, and Canada. With its law enforcement officers making such a bold statement, the Italian government should soon follow suit.

Check out an inside look at this year’s Canapa in Mostra in the video below, courtesy of Barney’s Farm Research Lab!

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Garyn Angel is an inventor, award-winning financial consultant, and CEO of MagicalButter.com, maker of the botanical extractor he invented for infusing cannabis into foods. Firmly committed to needed legal reform, Angel was named to the exclusive CNBC NEXT LIST of visionary global business leaders for his work on legal marijuana. He is also founder of the Cheers to Goodness Foundation, a charity that helps “medical refugees”—mainly veterans and children—who need herbal therapy when traditional treatment options have failed.