The machine cleans itself…the silicone LoveGlove easily rinses off…but what about the PurifyFilter, the durable nylon mesh bag for straining your herbal infusions? You may be wondering, How in the heck do I clean this thing?

No easy way out

Don’t take the easy way out. Putting the filter in the dishwasher is not a good idea; the sustained, intense heat can break down the nylon, making it brittle. Here’s how I clean my filter:

  1. Fill up a small bowl with warm water, and dip the filter bag to loosen and remove the majority of the sediment.
  2. Flip the bag inside out, and apply a small dab of dish liquid.
  3. Begin to scrub the filter against itself, creating a nice soapy, sudsy froth.
  4. Dunk the filter in your warm bowl of water, or rinse it out thoroughly in the sink.
  5. Flip the bag right-side out, and rinse away any remaining sediment.
  6. Allow the PurifyFilter to dry in your dish rack before storing it. This will help prevent any mold or unwanted odors from developing.

Patience is a virtue

At we take pride in how easy it is to strain your infusions using the PurifyFilter. But, patience truly is a virtue. I know everyone wants to hurry up and finish the process, but pouring the entire infusion into the filter all at once might not be the best idea.

You can more easily strain your extract in small amounts. Doing this allows space for you to grasp the filter bag around the neck and squeeze the pulp like a washcloth, to get every drop and maximize your yield. (If this sounds like forcing it to go faster instead of having patience, maybe it is. But it’s fun!)

The PurifyFilter bag is a definite improvement over older methods like cheesecloth and pantyhose. First, hosiery in general is not very healthful or food friendly. I personally do not feel comfortable straining my medicine through underwear…even women’s. Second, cheesecloth is fine in a pinch, but it makes a mess. And, it’s a porous rag that allows butter to seep out the sides.

The PurifyFilter has tall, stiff, leak-proof side walls. Your preparation seeps down through the bottom naturally, making it a much cleaner experience and giving you better control of the situation. Also, you don’t compromise any of your valuable ingredients by leaking them down the sides of your bowl or onto your countertop. Our smallest pore size filters capture virtually all sediment, leaving you with a beautiful clarity you can be proud of.

The PurifyFilter is an essential component of the MagicalButter Botanical Extractor package. You can also use it for pasta, vegetables…all your kitchen straining needs.