The heart is obviously one of the most vital organs of the human body, responsible for transporting our most precious resources to every cell. Pumping blood and oxygen through our bodies 24/7 for an average of about 80 years is no easy task. The way we take care of our heart can literally determine the length and quality of our life.

With that said, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death today in America. According to the CDC, one in three adults will have to deal with the silent battle of hypertension. When high blood pressure becomes a problem, one of your most precious internal organs is working harder than ever, and that can come with deadly consequences.

The silent killer

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The heart is a muscle. Overexertion of this muscle can lead to inefficiency and hypertrophy, and an enlarged heart can lead to heart failure. With so many dying from heart disease, alternatives for remedying high blood pressure have come under scrutiny. Medication is there for those who need it, if the blood pressure does not normalize in response to a sensible plan incorporating healthy diet, exercise, and the addition of cannabis.

A whole new world

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With the recent explosion of medical cannabis legalization across the country, more adults now have the option to add the herb to their daily routine and gauge the results. Cannabinoids are known to have a strong vasodilatory effect on blood vessels, meaning they cause the muscles within the vessel walls to relax slightly, which dilates the lumen, or vessel opening. This, combined with the relaxing properties of the herb, has many choosing an all-natural route toward healthy blood-pressure levels. Research of the relationship between cannabis and hypertension is ongoing, with experiences tending to vary among individuals.

Tackling hypertension from different angles is the key to success, and no one methodology is right for everyone. Consuming cannabis in the form of edibles is hands down the healthiest way to administer this herbal medication, one of the most versatile known to medicine. Incorporating the various medicinal elements of individual cannabis strains puts custom healing into your own hands—and the possibilities are limitless.

Results will depend on body composition, but the key to finding a good balance involves open discussion with both professionals and others having the same condition. It’s no secret that diet is crucial when attempting to maintain normal blood pressure levels, and intake of sugar and salt is one of the easiest things to monitor. Skipping unnecessary treats and opting for something a little more rewarding is the key.

A smoothie a day


With so many foods being credited for healthier heart conditions, it’s amazingly simple to create homemade medicinal edibles (medibles) that work on multiple fronts. Avocado, banana, broccoli, kiwi, red bell peppers, peaches, kale, tilapia, sweet potatoes, and quinoa are just some of the superfoods considered heart healthy. Combining these foods with cannabis could just be the all-natural solution to a problem that has claimed so many lives. A smoothie a day with the addition of medical cannabis infused in coconut oil would be a very effective combination for the heart, blood pressure, and overall health.

For making infused smoothies, an ideal tool is a botanical extractor from This company encourages a whole new relationship with a plant that has been used as medicine for centuries. For thousands of consumers, MB machines have literally transformed home cannabis preparation. With new recipes and techniques literally at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination.

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