There is a trend, a groundswell even, of cities and townships decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis. It’s a positive step toward normalizing something that’s already fairly normal. “The times, they are a-changin’”, but there’s a catch: We have to remember that city government is not the only authority in the city.

Protect and serve

Protect and Serve

There are local police, county sheriffs, and state troopers to contend with — and just because a city cop may let you off with a fine doesn’t mean a trooper will. It’s important to keep this in mind while traveling the highways and roadways within city limits.

“State law trumps city ordinances,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2014 the city of Philadelphia decriminalized cannabis possession of up to one ounce. Within a month state police had arrested 140 individuals within the city limits for having less than an ounce. Law enforcement agencies might communicate and coordinate with one another, to better serve the citizens in this regard. Then again, they might not.

And, of course, federal law enforcement holds jurisdiction in all municipalities as well. For now the administration has opted not to enforce federal Prohibition in states that have enacted laws permitting recreational and/or medical cannabis, but that doesn’t imply that American consumers are in the clear, their rights and liberties intact. A future administration could change that directive and “burn some green” to supercharge the so-called Drug War, setting legalization efforts back to the stoned age.

Decriminalized = illegal

Decriminalized = illegal

So, residents of cities like Tampa, Florida that have recently decriminalized cannabis have cause to celebrate “no criminal record over a few doobies” but still need to be careful. Those residents should: never drive under the influence, and consider avoiding the interstate system and other major highways in those towns when in possession of cannabis.

The herb is still very illegal in Tampa and all of Florida. We can buy enough liquor to kill a herd of bison, and no one will accuse us of trafficking or having a drinking problem. But Tampa’s ordinance provides that anyone caught with 20 grams or less must suffer the degradation of (a) having their valuable botanical personal property confiscated, which could be worth up to $200 or more, and (b) paying a fine that can also rapidly climb into the hundreds of dollars. The main targets for this punishment are lower-income, unemployed or working people seeking a little relaxation amid their everyday money woes, something mild that doesn’t involve alcohol or hard drugs. This should be encouraged instead of punished. While there’s reason to be glad for any advancement in changing the law, vigilance is still needed. As the old saying goes, “Good isn’t good enough, and better is the enemy of best!”

Safety first

The safest, most discreet, and most potent way to consume cannabis for either medical or discretionary purposes is to cook it into food. The cannabinoid compounds can be extracted from the plant and infused into butter, oil, or alcohol and added to nearly any recipe.

Safety First

Tampa Bay area native Garyn Angel founded because he saw a need for patients suffering from chronic conditions to be able to consume cannabis without having to inhale it or dedicate hours to home extraction by imprecise methods. So, he invented a self-contained kitchen appliance called a Botanical Extractor™ to allow the conversion of cannabis to edible form at the touch of a button.

While it’s proven to be a lucrative endeavor, earning profit isn’t the sole focus. Angel also started a non-profit charity, Cheers to Goodness Foundation, to help medical refugees and their families cover the cost of relocating to states where their necessary medicine is legal. The entire team is dedicated to improving lives by providing labor-saving products and excellent information pertaining to cannabis and its healing properties, as well as dispelling myths perpetrated by the ignorant and the willfully deceitful.

If you choose to consume cannabis, please do it responsibly, legally, and safely.

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