The MagicalButter machine should one day stand with the light bulb and the refrigerator as an innovation that forever electrified modern life. Everyone now has the ability (if not the legal right) to produce herbal butters, oils, and tinctures to blend into edible and topical remedies, empowering people to take control of their energy, to regain and sustain abundant health. 

No longer do we have to eat genetically modified foods that may harm our DNA and cause terminal illnesses. No longer do we need to inhale irritating smoke. Now the people have the ability to incorporate healthy foods and herbs into their diets safely and easily. The MagicalButter machine is ushering in a cultural shift, a personal health-care revolution.

Got an ill? Pop a pill

People are waking up and recognizing that Big Pharma and the medical establishment do not always have our best interests in mind. Their pills are hurting and killing people, but they’re an unlimited source of cash flow. Doctors are beginning to admit that, in many cases, pills offer very little benefit beyond merely covering up symptoms. But they’re physicians, TV ads tell people to want the drugs, and the docs, who are being squeezed in a financial vise, get paid to sell them. If they don’t write those prescriptions, their patients (and their pharmaceutical reps) will simply find another doctor who will.

When will we as a nation affirm and defend our innate right to embrace natural medicine, without fear of being punished or having our lives ruined? That we risk incarceration and monetary penalties for enhancing our own health and well-being is truly an injustice of the most insulting and heartless kind. The American people should come together and file a class-action lawsuit against the federal government for keeping the cannabis plant from us and our loved ones for so many generations.

Anyone can think back to those they may have lost in their lifetime to illness; it is truly disheartening to realize that some might have been saved, or their lives made more pleasant or comfortable, had they had the right to medicate with cannabis.


The pharmedical establishment sells fake fear. “There simply is not enough information out there about cannabis (because we’re keeping it in Schedule I)! We just don’t know enough about all the scary dangers and risks (to our bottom line)! So, the safest and smartest thing is to withhold this medicine, and just let people suffer (until we can monetize it)!” is the tired old refrain. Plainly, that’s bull$#it. The REAL fear is that people will realize they can grow their own health support and won’t need doctors and pharmacists much any more.

Let’s start having this conversation. Let’s put the information in front of the people who need to see it: the lawmakers, the doctors, the professionals, the educated minds who can’t possibly deny that this innocuous plant can bring enormous benefits to the public, both as medicine and as a powerful neuroprotectant and immune system-regulating health supplement. The moment we acknowledge that cannabis is a plant with countless health benefits that also happens to elevate mood, rather than seeing it as a plant that elevates mood that also happens to have health benefits, we will be on the road to a fundamentally transformed health-care paradigm and a healthier planet.

Get back to where you once belonged

Let’s return to the commonsense wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who not only sanctioned cannabis (as industrial hemp), but saw it as so universally useful that they required every farmer to grow it, and did so themselves, to promote economic stability and prosperity. Those days are coming soon—it will become normal to cultivate the herb in your yard, or even right on your countertop in a self-contained, mini-fridge-sized grow unit.

We can only dream of what the future will bring. When we are in control of our own bodies, when we can balance our endocannabinoid system with confidence and not be in jeopardy, when we can Eat to Treat®…we will have achieved liberation of the mind, body, and soul.


Do you have a cannabis-infused vision of the future? Tell our readers about it!