Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 1

You always knew kids needed their vegetables…

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis should be considered primarily neither an herbal medicine nor a recreational intoxicant.

Instead, the plant in its raw form contains certain organic molecules so beneficial in supporting human health and vitality that it is actually an absolute daily dietary essential. So says California physician William Courtney, M.D. in the video The Power of Juicing Raw Cannabis.

And Dr. Courtney doesn’t stop there. The reformed cannaphobe who became the trailblazing pioneer of the raw cannabis juicing movement unflinchingly calls cannabis the world’s most important vegetable, with health benefits so profound that everyone on earth should have daily access to raw cannabis juice—including young children.

That’s not a typo. The concept may seem radical to pediatricians and other doctors, even to cannabis patients and those who rationally favor the restoration of our traditional American heritage of adult discretionary access to the plant. But the cannabis juicing movement and its underlying concept are gaining a foothold among modern enlightened physicians and their patients.

Cannabis for children?! Are you serious??

Won’t raw cannabis juice get children high or harm them somehow? Doesn’t cannabis contain THC? Couldn’t it create dependency? Why would someone take it if they weren’t sick, in pain, or seeking some euphoric effect?

Answering these valid questions is easy (yes it’s for children, we are serious, it won’t, it doesn’t, it couldn’t, and because it’s extremely healthful); however, dispelling myths and misconceptions about this astonishingly versatile and beneficial plant is not easy. It’s a top priority in moving toward a healthier society, but it’s a serious challenge: This is a nation, after all, where the citizenry literally changed their Constitution to carve into the permanent historical record their profound abhorrence of Prohibition, whereupon the government immediately decided what the people needed, then, was…another Prohibition!

And this Prohibition is even more insidious, deadly, crime-generating, exorbitantly expensive, and morally loathsome than the first, since it’s based on calculated, depraved lies—about the plant, the people who consume it, its effects, its value to medical science, its capacity to demolish society, and so on. The challenge of opening minds rusted shut by decades of disinformation is difficult in a country where politicians see fit to waste the people’s hard-earned money waging war on a leafy green vegetable full of stuff doctors say is good for you. The casualties of war—besides the nation’s moribund economy and the taxpayers—are everyone connected to the plant: farmers, distributors, doctors, their patients, and the millions of citizens who benefit from its myriad healthful effects.

The feds’ propaganda and disinformation campaign has worked perfectly, and nearly 80 years later the evil veggie is still literally illegal everywhere in the U.S. But, though they won that battle, they are destined to lose the war: Scientists, legislators, doctors, and laypeople alike have caught on, and now the dirty little secret about cannabis being mostly good for people is out. (For those who like a few clichés mixed in with their cannabis juice, the jig is up, the die is cast, the train has left the station, the cat’s out of the bag, that ship has sailed, Pandora’s box has been opened, the sleeping giant has been awakened, and you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube!)

Federal agents know they’re losing the ‘weed war’, as more and more of the country continues to step up, assert states’ rights, and overrule the illegitimate federal Prohibition. The feds need a way out—ideally without being forced to admit to the alarming hypocrisy of, for example, their ferociously insisting the plant has no medical use while they hold multiple patents on its medical use, or spouting the nonsense that “cannabis is a gateway”—to the LESS dangerous substances in Schedule II, the gentler, more innocuous diversions like methamphetamine and cocaine.

This is the moment in time, the opportunity that advocates have long awaited. Proponents of the many desirable aspects of cannabis in general and of raw cannabis juice in specific must bridge the gulf of perception in order to effect positive change.

Have you juiced raw cannabis or found a way to enlighten a misinformed person with a positive message about the plant? Tell us about it!