Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 2

Let’s get mental

In Bridging the Gulf ~ Part 1 we highlighted the challenge of bridging the gulf of public perception and bringing cannabis into the proper illumination. The first order of business in building the bridge is, ironically, one of mental separation. We must create a rational, sensible separation in the minds of government bureaucrats, politicians, judges, doctors, and the public at large between raw cannabis and “drugs”. They need to think of raw cannabis and drugs as two completely different things. We know they have the ability to do this because of the current, completely nonsensical division in their minds separating nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine from “drugs”. Raw cannabis is a vegetable and not a drug.

In its fresh, raw state, the cannabis plant contains virtually NO THC; it is also remarkably non-toxic. Contrary to virtually universal belief, the unheated plant material is not psychoactive, no matter how much a person might eat. The phenomenal anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of cannabis juice actually come from the precursor to THC called tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, THC acid, or THCA. To the extent cannabis material is fresh (not aged, dried, or heated), THC doesn’t even exist. Disregarding a negligible trace amount, it is all bound up in THCA. According to Dr. Courtney this explains why the juice is safe, even for children. Because it contains no toxins or mood-altering chemicals, it cannot get consumers high, and no dependency is created.

What is THCA?

THCA, a molecule unfamiliar even to most regular consumers of cannabis, is central to the juicing movement. THCA helps the body’s own natural endocannabinoids, manufactured in the brain, to support optimal functioning in all 210 cell types of the human body. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, THC acid is remarkably non-toxic; it is also non-habit forming. It is prescribed by doctors in the know as a protective measure, especially for pediatric patients. It also has been shown to work as an effective remedy for chronic infections, allergies, and inflammatory conditions, to name just a few—again, without any side effects.

Prevention vs. Cure

Another evolutionary step in public perception that must occur is to upgrade our thinking from reactive to proactive—shifting our cannabis focus from medicine to prevention. Acceptance continues to mount for what doctors like William Courtney, M.D. are heralding as the advantages of raw cannabis, the nutritional supplement. As that accelerates, we may, as Dr. Courtney suggests, move more quickly “from millions being incarcerated for cannabis to billions benefiting from cannabis.”

The perception of all cannabis as psychoactive was reinforced by a UN Treaty signed by the US and a large number of other nations effectively banning cannabis worldwide because of its psychoactive properties when heated. This obstacle to widespread acceptance of raw cannabis juice can be overcome by making governments understand that raw cannabis has no psychoactive properties because it is not heated.

Reefer sadness

The perception of cannabis as something for criminals is reinforced by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and local municipalities, which receive billions of taxpayer dollars for eradication of cannabis and incarceration of its consumers. And money is an undeniably powerful incentive to continue behaviors that generate it. Still, the DEA has already caved a little on cannabis, reaffirming that the Congress has consistently been focused on banning THC rather than non-THC goods. That would exempt seeds, CBD, and the THCA found in raw cannabis juice, among other compounds. The irony of the DEA’s tough stance on “no medical utility”, of course, is the US government’s multiple patents on medically useful cannabinoids, a clear and inescapable admission of utility. The challenge is getting agreement from the DEA that having patents on the plant’s utility can’t co-exist with saying it has no utility. One or the other will have to go—and it won’t be the patents.

Normalizing and modernizing the perception of cannabis in general and raw cannabis juice in particular will ultimately succeed through skillful marketing, which I define as “Telling the truth in ways that support our position and advance our mission”.

Advocates of cannabis freedom—by educating a public grown mentally fat and lazy on a diet of repeated falsehoods—are winning the ‘word war’. States are successfully challenging federal hegemony and the irrational belief that all federal laws always supersede state laws (if that assertion were valid, all 50 state legislatures would be superfluous). For the first time a clear majority of U.S. citizens now support legalization of cannabis.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “The minds, they are a-changin’.” Raising public awareness and sharing the great news about the spectacular anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and nervous system-protecting aspects of THCA are key to bridging the gulf of understanding and bringing robust health to the world’s people—in the juice of a vegetable.

Who knew?

Have you juiced raw cannabis or found a way to enlighten a misinformed person with a positive message about the plant? Tell us about it!