Americans are facing some fascinating choices this election season. Records are being broken on both sides of the aisle, in all kinds of categories. No one alive has ever seen anything like the current contest for what remains the most important position on earth, the U.S. presidency. And it’s just getting started.

Race matters

Actions of the top presidential candidates are violently shaking and cracking the very foundation of the nation’s political structure unlike at any other time in our history.

The presumptive Republican nominee is entrepreneur Donald Trump, over the initial objections of the GOP establishment and the 17 opponents he eliminated. And the Race that Wasn’t Supposed to Be One is now very hotly contested. The Democratic establishment is firmly behind Hillary Clinton, amid the ongoing criminal investigation of her apparent methodical mishandling of national security secrets stored on a non-secure server, and despite Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fervent supporters and collection of primary victories.

The 2016 presidential race is down to just three horses (if not two, in reality). And the players are seeking as much information as possible. The pollsters have been busy, busy, busy.

While conducting surveys about political candidates, pollsters are including a variety of hot-topic policy questions. And a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University has found that, while voters don’t yet agree on candidates, they are overwhelmingly in favor of one thing: cannabis freedom. So…

Let’s roll a few numbers


In Florida, for example, 80 percent of the 1,051 voters surveyed are in favor of a state constitutional amendment that would allow medical cannabis. That percentage is well over the 60 percent needed to approve the amendment. A more divisive topic is whether cannabis should be legalized for adult discretionary consumption. In the Sunshine State, legalizing discretionary cannabis currently has more support (56 percent) than even the senator who has proposed legalizing it nationwide (Sanders, at 47 percent).

The numbers in Ohio are similar. Quinnipiac surveyed 1,042 voters and found Sanders had 45 percent support, with support for medical cannabis doubling that. Legalization for adult discretionary consumption still beat Sanders with 52 percent support.

Quinnipiac conducted the same survey in one more “battleground” state, its home state of Pennsylvania. The poll had fairly similar results. Sanders has 50 percent support; and adult-choice cannabis again beats that, and is even higher than Florida’s, at 57 percent. Figures for medical were unavailable.

Freedom of choice is driving the canna-bus…and the vote


You’d have to go back to the Civil War era to find an America more divided than it is now. Still, there is one thing that a clear majority agree on: Cannabis as a medicine is long overdue. All three remaining presidential candidates have stated support for respecting current and future state laws regarding cannabis, especially medical. Still, it’s worthy of note that, among them, only Sanders has voiced support for complete nationwide legalization. And, he’s ahead in some major states at the moment.

Coincidence? Not likely — in greater numbers than ever before, Americans are voting “green”. Not only that, the other two candidates are viewed as far less “likeable”, for whatever that’s worth. (At any given time, every U.S. president is detested and distrusted by about half the country and most of the world. It makes sense; the head standing tallest gets hit with the most tomatoes.)

Pharmaceutical drugs often only temporarily mask symptoms and bring more side effects than relief. We are tired of seeing our loved ones endure needless suffering when there is an abundant, non-toxic plant that can safely relieve it. So, whomever you choose to vote for, please remember to VOTE GREEN!

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